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Destination Etten-Leur

The town of Etten-Leur is located centrally within the province of West-Brabant. Its more than 45.000 inhabitants live comfortably in the varied residential areas surrounded by large natural outskirts. Inhabitants and visitors to this typical Brabant village alike are impressed with its excellent accessibility. Etten-Leur is located directly on the A58 highway, which offers a perfect connection to the rest of the province Noord-Brabant and to the province of Zeeland. The A16 highway, which connects the urban agglomeration of Western Holland (The ‘Randstad’) to Belgium, is conveniently nearby. You can reach any destination in Etten-Leur quickly by car or by making use of the excellent train-, bus- and bikeconnections. There are indeed many attractions worth visiting in Etten-Leur, from the spacious suburbs to the inviting shopping centers and from the large industrial area ‘Vosdonk’ to the many recreational attractions (for example the impressive Van Goghchurch in the heart of Etten-Leur. You are more than welcome in Etten-Leur!

Room for recreation

Etten-Leur has a broad spectrum of recreational sites. Its museums, monumental buildings, windmills, memorials and galleries are all more than worth a visit. But there’s more. In and around Etten-Leur you will find ample natural beautiful scenery. Day-trippers can go for a pleasant stroll or for a bicycle ride in the recreational areas ‘De Pannenhoef’, ‘Haagsedijk’ and the ‘Liesbos forest’. If you are looking for water sport recreation, you’ve come to the right place. Everything you are looking for is here ranging from a beautiful marina, a day port to a beautiful recreational lake, all located in the north of Etten-Leur. The marina can harbour approx. 60 and the day port approx. 20 yachts. The nature and recreational lake are an oasis for outdoor water fun. If you are looking for a ‘splashing’ day, don’t forget to pay a visit to the indoor swimmingpool De Banakker’ in the heart of the village. For visitors with smaller children there is a large play garden and numerous petting zoos. Naturally shopping, enjoying a drink or meal in one of the many bars, cafés or restaurants or seeing a show at the local theatre are among the many recreational attractions that Etten-Leur has to offer. And if you are planning to stay for more than a day, you can check into one of the quality hotels or farm campsites.

You work in Etten-Leur and Etten-Leur works for you

Etten-Leur has a distinctive separation between business sites for offices and industry. The perfect office location can be found on the eastern side of Etten-Leur, on the imposing Parklaan with its impressive office buildings. The industrial site Vosdonk, with a total surface area of 300 hectares, is located on the western side of the town, directly on the highway A58. The industrial site Vosdonk contributes significantly to regional employment. Each of the business sites offer plenty of opportunities to establish your business. Also, the town of Etten-Leur has a favourable climate for entrepreneurs. The corporate world can count on expert and efficient support by the city council. 

Compact, complete and comfortable

As the saying goes: stagnation means decline. That is why Etten-leur is constantly working to improve its appearance. A conscious choice for new architecture and maintaining what is already good are the basis for all of the town’s decisions. Realizing a thriving city centre has resulted in a compact, complete and comfortable heart where everything comes together in perfect harmony. The City Hall, shops, residences, hotel and catering industry, underground parking and a bus- and trainstation have put Etten-Leur on the map as a place where things are happening. 

Everything you need is here

Both Etten-Leur’s locals and people in the region are very pleased with their town and the many high quality facilities it has to offer. There are plenty of schools, various educations and courses for people of all ages. And practically every possible form of music, art, sports and recreation for young and old can be practiced in Etten-Leur. Be it on an individual or club level, people can spend their leisure time in a cosy and worthwhile manner. Health care is also well provided for in Etten-Leur. And for a relaxing evening out, you don’t have to leave town. Thanks to the many pleasant restaurants, cafés, cinema and the local theatre Nieuwe Nobelaer with its quality theatre program, you can be sure of a vibrant and colourful night out. With its large range of shops and stores, you can buy your daily groceries and any other necessities in town. The largest concentration of shops is located in the heart of the town.