Fix your relocation to The Netherlands

If you are planning to stay in the Netherlands, you will need to register with the municipality where you are staying. This is mandatory and will also enable you to register for other essentials.

IMPORTANT: Do not give your DigiD login details to anyone else under any circumstance. Never allow anyone else to arrange your registration or deregistration at the municipality.  Visit the website for more information about your registration.

  • 1. BSN number

    You need to register if you are planning to stay in the Netherlands for four months or longer. You should call the municipality for the address where you are staying and you will receive a BSN number from the municipality. If you are planning to stay in the Netherlands for less than four months, call the municipality of Breda on the following number to make an appointment: 14 076.

  • 2. Do you already have a BSN number?

    If you already have a BSN number, but are not yet registered in the municipality, call the municipality where you are staying. If that is in Etten-Leur, you can call the following number to schedule an appointment: 14 076.

    If you are currently living in another municipality and you want to register in the municipality of Etten-Leur, you can make a phone appointment to register in our municipality. Or you can report your move digitally using DigiD: verhuizing.

    Don’t have a DigiD yet? See the next step.

  • 3. Apply for DigiD

    DigiD (short for Digital Identification) is a form of online ID that allows you to access a number of services and government websites in the Netherlands. DigiD makes it possible to report a change of address digitally. Apply for or activate a DigiD.

Niet gevonden wat u zocht?

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